Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Lightweights do Italy

Now, everyone knows that I believe in a healthy diet of well-balanced nutrients.

Italia posed no threat to this mindset.  Undeniably, Keir and I managed to get in all of our daily nutrients.

  • Daily dose of vitamins from all of the fruit.. flavored gelato,

  • Another healthy dose of protein and calcium... strong bones for walking 9 hours a day,

  • Some starch to keep those energy levels surging,

  • Just in case those starch reserves were depleted by the strenuous museum visits and park lounging, we had a back-up plan... these are complex carbs, right?

  • Some greens,

  • Whoever said coffee isn't part of a wholesome diet hasn't been to Italy, or had an after-meal espresso.  No one needs sleep in their daily routine.

Disclaimer: I do not condone a perpetuation of this very well-balanced diet.  It is only for the truly dedicated.

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