Saturday, 5 October 2013

Lightweight Tea Bread

Sometimes, you just have to have dessert... And when you're a lightweight rower or cox attempting to be smaller, you need to tweak recipes!  Here is my latest tweaking attempt... A rather British one, I daresay.

Lightened Tea Cake
- 400g dried fruit of choice (I used currants and candied peel)
- 250g whole wheat strong flour 
- 250g all purpose flour
- 2 teaspoons baking powder
- 4 eggs
- 600ml brewed black tea
- Stevia or other sweetener (calorie free sugar) to taste, about 25g

Bake in a fan oven at 160C for 40min, or in a non-fan oven at 180C.

Makes 20 slices. Rough nutrition per slice: 176 calories, 5g protein, 35g carbs, 1.5g fat.  Compare to normal tea bread, a slice of which is usually around 320 calories with 10g fat (mmmm butter + sugar + oil)

This makes an absolute huge amount, so I ended up overflowing my cake pan and having to make mini tea cakes...



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